Low Cost Vaccinations

Pet Expo’s partner with local Veterinarians to offer attendees low cost vaccination, mirco chipping and other vet services. We are currently seeking a Vaccinations Sponsor, if you are interested click the button below.

Costume Contests

Bring your pet to the main stage dressed for success to participate in our pet costume contest. You’ll be given a theme song and a minute or two to strut your stuff on stage for a chance to win an exhibitor donated prize. 

Most Adorable Pet Photo Contest

Is your pet adorable? You could win a year of pet food by bringing your pet to the Pet Expo, snapping a photo of it using the snapchat filter and uploading it to our contest page!

Exotic Creature Features

We provide a 20×20 area for reptile and exoctic rescues to exhibit.
Snakes, spiders, birds, compaign rats, guinea pigs and rabbits. All small creatures are welcome!

Training Demonstrations

Getting your puppy or adult dog ready for their social life is an important step in their growth as a member of your family. Learn proper training techniques and tools from professional dog trainers.

Stunt Dog Performances

High flying, frisbee catching, leaping and jumping! We are currently look for pet performer and their owners in the area. Send us a message if you’re interested in sharing your talent!

Pet Musical Chairs

If your dog can sit, then you can play and win. Our exhibitors donate awesome giveaways and prizes and everyone who participates gets a prize Plus its super fun way to show off your pets skills! 

Stage Presentations

Pet Expo’s are full of knowledgeable exhibitors and around every turn is a learning opportunity. We invite our local pet gurus to share their story, product or passion on the main stage. 

Free Nail Trims

Bring your pet to the Pet Expo and look for the free nail trim station to have your pets nails trimmed professional. A local groomer will be doing trims all day during the event.
To be the nail trim sponsor sign up below.

Sign up for Giveaways

Our events are chock full of sweepstakes & prize winning opportunities. You’ll have the opportunity to sign up for free stuff, giveaways, vacations and more! 

Mega Adoption Area

We invite local rescues to bring as many adoptable pets as they can. And to make this possible a HUGE section of our plan is blocked off for adoptable pet crates. Come to the expo to find your next best friend.

Shop til you Drop!

Our exhibitors sell handmade, one-of-kind, and innovative pet products. You’ll love seeing all the toys and treats available for you and your furry friend. 

Entertainment Stage Schedule

Our stage is a platform for our exhibitors to connect with attendees and share their knowledge and products with a captive audience. 30 minutes of stage time is included with each exhibitors booth. If you’re an exhibitor and want to give a presentation please contact us!


10:00 Doors Open

11:00am TBA Exhibitor Presentation

11:30am TBA Exhibitor Presentation

12:00pm TBA Exhibitor Presentation

12:30pm The Adoptable Parade of Rescue Pets
Try not to squeal with delight as our various rescue groups parade around the stage with some of their select pets in need of forever homes! Rescue group representatives will also be available to provide information on adopting a new pet companion. Please remember, adopt don’t shop! 

1:00pm TBA Exhibitor Presentation

1:30pm TBA Exhibitor Presentation

2:00pm Pet Musical Chairs Competition
Musical Chairs is a doggy variation of the classic children’s game. Music plays as handlers walk with their dog’s off-leash counter-clockwise around a circle of chairs. When the music stops, the handlers instruct their dogs to sit by verbal request and hand signal only (i.e., without touching them) and rush to sit on a vacant chair in the circle. Last dog (and person) sitting wins!

2:30pm TBA Exhibitor Presentation

3:00pm Animals Got Talent!™Pet Talent Show
Does your pet have an amazing talent? Of course, they do! Then it’s a good thing that bragging rights are up for grabs because this is your pet’s chance to show off and awe us all with their mad skills! Animals Got Talent!™ Pet Talent Contest consists of three categories “best trick overall”, “most creative trick”, and “silliest trick”. Audience applause will determine the winner of a fabulous prizes.

3:30pm Costume Contest!
Sign up by showing up at the stage with your pet in costume. Check in with the MC by 3pm and be ready to work, sashay, shante to a song matching your pets costume theme.

4:00 pm TBA Exhibitor Presentation

Please note: While accurate at the time of publishing, entertainment schedules, speakers, and demos may be subject to change without notice